Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sigh.....but maybe not.

Well the holiday blues have hit me at the Walsh house.

I hate change, it is so hard!

and boy has there been change around here.

In the past few months, my mom and dad moved to Arizona permanently, Our neighbors of 14 years just moved away. Parents are getting older, kids are getting older, prices are going up, and time is getting shorter. I just feel a bit overwhelmed.

Not all is grim, however. I have so many blessings that it is hard to keep track of them too. My sister in law, nephew, and brother in law have moved here from New York, Mom came to visit, Lisa came to visit, Ted (our neighbor that moved) will be home with his family for the holidays, the kids are just getting smarter and smarter and taller and taller!! Bing is just awful but cuter then ever (so we are keeping him :-) All the rodents have died now!! YEAH!!! No more stinky rodents, now that's a great Christmas gift.

Christmas shopping and crafting is mostly done. Now for the sorting, wrapping and mailing. Christmas letter and card is finished. Just need to stuff, post and mail. I have not taken a nap since last Sunday, this is good because I sleep my afternoons away and then that does not help with the time crunch.
I just want to stop and take a rest. Maybe today I will take a rest with Bing. He is so warm and cuddly. That would feel good for a bit.

Then, back to the festivities!

I hope all of you are finding joy in this joyous season.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!


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