Friday, December 21, 2007

If only.....

This is a very rare moment at the Walsh household.
Bing usually spends breakfast time in the kennel.
Bing is thinking, "If only some would accidentally drop on the blanket. I am going to sit here and blend in with the scenery. Then pounce when the timing is right, well, at least right for me."
He looks innocent now, but seconds later, he just pounces. He would take a huge mouthful and run if we let him.
D's leaving the bowl very unprotected and vulnerable, not very smart prey mentality. That's why mommy's have to be there to protect their babies.


bobbione8y said...

how many Bings do you think it would take to make a Harper?

:) he is a good one.

ps, Hey Lisa....Merry Christmas!

um. send me your address.


Karen said...

Is that child eating cereal with a fork??

K~ said...

No.... it is a waffle drenched in syrup!

I think about, what, 5 Bings to 1 harper? But they are both just as distructive!!!