Friday, January 18, 2008

As if a sink BEYOND full of dirty dishes isn't bad enough!!!

In case you can't recognize what is on top of the pile, it is a thawing walleye! This was taken in November. Yes, after the burning refrigerator incident. Rick said he needed to thaw the fish before we ate it. I came out and spotted this new addition to an already depressing situation. Needless to say, I turned around and walked away. Oh, after photographing this for my memoirs.

Notice the large glowing eye.

I challenge Kristi Lou to get a more beautiful shot then this one :-)!!



Karen said...

I think I would have RUN.

Did he taste good?

K~ said...

Yes, it was very tasty. Rick can batter up fish the crispy way the resturants do. I will not go into details about the big piece of uncooked fish Bing got off the counter and was retrieved. Not to be thrown away. That was Ricks portion. I think that Rick takes waste not want not a bit too far. Oh, I did go into detail, sorry. K~