Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here it is. Done. Finally. I need to put the funky button on the clasp still, but It's all done otherwise.
I keep my Needle work in it.


Karen said...

OH! How long did that baby take? Wow! You really are amazing, Mrs. W.

bobbione8y said...

ay yi yi!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bet celebrities would start carrying those if they knew about them. just tell gwyneth paltrow i get MINE before she gets hers :))))

K~ said...

Yes, That took a few stitches. I worked on it for MANY MANY hours. I thought that I would get it done when I was in the retirement home. I did enjoy it. If you have an in with Gwyneth, please let her know that I would LOVE to do one. It is kind of hip. And....I must say VERY functional!! I do love it. It does kind of remind me of those kleenex box holders. Do you remember them? K~