Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coach said not to -Part II

Ok, now I know what it means to be inspired. I have every piece of their music. I am sad that I have not seen them perform live. Ever since I have listened to their music, my creative juices have been flowing and flowing.

I feel that I can create my art for arts sake. No other reason.

If you have time to check out this link,
maybe you will understand, maybe not, but that is art at it's most basic state. Each creation speaks to each person. Each piece moves a person differently. None should be hidden. It needs to be shared.

I think of this as I stitch. I think of this as I choose my colors, my modules, my inspiration pieces. To some, my creations may seem simply random and tedious, but I know they are not. They are purposeful and thoughtful. Although I have been an artist for quite some time, I have a lot of this "clarity about my art" to contribute to my chance introduction to this wonderful group of extremely talented musicians. Thanks CSNT. Keep writing and performing. K~

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linnea said...

Thank you so much for this. You have know idea how it it puts the wind back into our flagging spirits!

Linnea (bass for coach)