Friday, January 11, 2008

Just what I needed

What a very special gift. I received this package in the mail from Bobbi. Inside was this incredible bag!! It is so neat and functional. I am so into neat AND functional. WOW. It is so well made and BEAUTIFUL. I have received many compliments everywhere I go. I feel I should have some of your business cards Bob! It has room for my purse things and my craft stuff I carry with me everywhere I go. You know, I need to craft at stop lights, etc. Don't waste time!!

Also, it is Rick approved. I seriously was looking for a purse that would not drive him crazy when he needed to retrieve stuff inside of it. I was literally shopping for the perfect size, shape, non sagginess, non sac shaped (sorry bob, your 1st bag was flatly rejected by Rick. He said "there should be no such thing as a sac shaped purse" or something to that effect. After that, I went shopping for "the perfect" purse. Open enough for his big meaty claws to get into, big enough that light can get into it so he can see. Square enough and flat enough so nothing can sink to the bottomless dark void of a sac shaped purse. Oh, I think that might be all for now. I am happy to report, your bag fit the bill perfectly. He is quite impressed. I am sure he had some kind of critique, but it must have been minor, because, I don't even remember it.

About a month ago, I got this fantastic "eye candy" magazine in the mail. I ordered "Real Simple" from a fund raiser of the kids, and thought I might have ordered this by accident. Well when another one came a week ago, I needed to see what I had done. Was this my "Real simple" magazine? NO! It was a gift from Bob! She knows me so well! Thanks Bob! Don't stop crafting OR sending things to me. K~


bobbione8y said...

oh sheesh. after YEARS of home crafted gifts from you, i think you deserve this one :)

glad rick approves. phillip approved too, although he questioned the reason for the flower :)

K~ said...

Yes, it is always something with those men.

I have had countless compliments on these. I was wondering if we could talk about making one for my mom.

Also my sister in law and her sister want one.


bobbione8y said...

oh my.

does that mean i can go shopping for more fabric ???


Karen said...

Oh, gosh. I bet you dance and jump around every time a Bobbi package arrives in the mail. This one is very, very nice. :-)

Anonymous said...

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