Thursday, January 10, 2008


It appears that I had a hematoma in my left breast. Pheeeww. I got the call yesterday. As of now, no more needles! yeah! I feel fine and am so relieved.

All this from that stinking fall!! Boy, I am glad I didn't risk going skating, huh??

No pictures of breast today. K~


bobbione8y said...

okay, good news.

love to see Puff instead, no matter what you post about :)

having a happy day/week. love is in the air :)


Karen said...

Shwew. Many, you had me worried. So so SO glad all is ok.

I personally think that skating would have been easier on your bodY!!

K~ said...

Thanks Bob and Karen. I was a bit worried too. I am much more at ease now.

I really should try an extreme sport of some kind. I bet I would be just fine. HOWEVER, I have been walking out side, daily, with Bing, and boy is it slippery!!!