Friday, February 22, 2008

Optical 2

This is Optical 2
Again, I am working on getting this thing right. It didn't work as well as I wanted. It, however, is pretty. That counts for something. I plan on doing some color research in my "spare" time. I have done a small 3 dimensional box too, but need to photograph it outside.
I working at a Business and Professional Women's convention tomorrow for Pampered Chef. EEEEKKKK. Have not done anything like that for about 7 months. So all day yesterday and today I have been working on getting ready. I only have a bag of stuff ready. OOOOOO! Wish me well! K~


bobbione8y said...

how did the weekend go? did others wear their sweats to the meeting? now THAT would make a great meeting :)

ps. love the artwork. all of them :)

K~ said...

Hey Bob, It was boring and I wore jeans. It was only on Saturday. I did learn a lot about what I do not want to do when I grow up. Thanks so much for asking though! K~