Monday, February 25, 2008

A rare mini Otter Hound??

Could Bingy be a rare, as yet to be discovered, mini Otter Hound??
His rough, shaggy coat and large size make him the most distinctive of the hounds in America. He requires brushing about once a week. Sometimes the Otter Hound drinks by submerging his entire head in water. It is always at that moment that he decides to show his love for his master and lays his soggy beard in a lap!
The Otter Hound - Otterhound's coat requires only weekly brushing or combing. Tidiness is not one of its virtues of the Otter Hound - Otterhound and its large, hairy feet tend to hold debris and mud, and its long hair around the mouth can hold water and food. (We call Bing Noodles some times because we find various ramin, macaroni, or other type noodle in his hair!)
Otter Hound - Otterhounds are independent, inquisitive, bold, exuberant dog, friendly, cheerful, loving and intelligent. This dog makes a good house pet providing it is given lots of exercise and attention. Even though the Otter Hound - Otterhound's job was not to kill its quarry, it will give chase to any small, moving animals. (Poor Nala!!) The Otter Hound - Otterhound loves to hunt, sniff, trail and, especially, swim.

HMMMM......... K~


Karen said...

You know how much I love Bing! Thanks for posting pictures!

K~ said...

He is a cute one. Although the groomer groomed him into a stupid looking poodle!!!! His hair is flopping a bit now! K~

Unknown said...

Sorry, not an Otterhound, mini or otherwise. It's probably a PBGB!
Great looking little guy though. Been thinking of getting one of these for my Otterhoujd to play with. She loves "squeeky" toys. LOL