Thursday, February 07, 2008

Welcome World Visitors

I am sure that 97% of all the visitors on my site meter stumble on this site by accident, Sadley disappointed to find a site by a stay at home mom and her obsession with her stitchery. However, it is kind of an exciting map to look at. I could not figure out how to download it. So this will have to do. I had a visit from way way up north of Canada, South America, Asia and Europe and all over the US. Probably the Harvard posting I did. Still, neat! K~


bobbione8y said...

yes, my "readership" went up dramatically when i posted my polka dot apron on a flickr group....very fun :)

Karen said...

Huh? How do you know where people visit from unless they post a comment?

K~ said...

Karen, It is a feature of site meter. You can see where and when people visit your site. It does not give their contact info though. K~