Friday, February 08, 2008

Ort (leftover 3)

This was a fun project. I call it "Ort" because it is a small leftover piece. Ort usually refers to table scraps but in some dictionaries (if it is in there) it can refer to scraps. I like the asymmetry. I like the colors I was left with and had to try and fit them together.

I will be doing an animal photo shoot soon. They are being a little stir crazy from this long winter. I need to rearrange my zoo and clean the water turtles too. It looks to be a long labor of love weekend for me.



Karen said...

Oh sweet Bingy! I just know you want to come live at my house!

bobbione8y said...

i just googled "what is ort" because i did not believe you...never heard of it :)

i do like the pretty bookmark :)

K~ said...

Hey Bob, Ort is a big crossword puzzle word. It is food leftovers. But I did see one that just refered to it as scraps. It is one of my favorite words....I don't know why!

Karen, Bingy is adorable but a bit stinky right now. He needs to be groomed...badly.