Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday D!!

Nothing like tucking a 9th birthday party in right on Easter weekend. It went really well, however. D had some friends over for a sleep over on Thursday and they stayed until late Friday afternoon. That is the entire gang sleeping on the floor.

Then on Monday the 24th, It was D's actual b-day. We had a candle in the pastry for breakfast. Then, off the the Mall of America for a Volcano. Yes, that is 4 pieces of heavy fudge cake, set on a pile of vanilla ice cream. The ball on top is whipping cream drizzles and dripped in fudge and carmel. And of course, the sparkler. It is all brought out with all the restaurant staff screaming VOLCANOOOOOO. That was very fun. High on sugar, we all rolled home for a screaming, over tired, emotionally upset nigh nigh time. Go figure. Anyway, here sit, a bit numb and trying hard to catch up a bit.


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