Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The perfect snow

I just love this kind of snow. It is my very favorite. It was just falling from the trees in friendly glops. I love the impressions that the snow makes on the ground when it falls from the tree. I really needed this beauty yesterday.

Things are crazy here and I have just pretty much given up trying to have any kind of assemblance to my life right now. I could feel this coming about mid February. I thought I could pull up. But, alas, I have found myself buried under must do's, maybe do's and don't do. They are all mixed together and now I need to sort them all out again! AAAHHH

Anyway, the snow was pretty and I am glad I stopped to photograph it. K~


bobbione8y said...

oh hey!

that was our day on monday. now the snow is all gone, after two 50+ degree days.

if i had not been sick, i would have taken a pic too :)

miss ya.

Unknown said...


And it's Easter this month, too.

And I have altar duty at church and I have three kids helping change linens and pour communion you think that's appropriate, it's not like their drinking it...

Karen said...

So beautiful! I know all of you up north are ready for spring, but life without any snow at all is dull. I'm glad you took a minute to enjoy.

Remind me when I get back from my trip that I need to order mini spatulas. My last one died.