Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's all good

Just buried under the sandwich layers, is all.
I am just plugging away at all that needs to get done.
I am putting on a smiling face and snapping to it.
I had a lot of Pampered Chef this weekend. I know that God has never wanted me to totally take that out of my life. Maybe someday, I will understand why, but for now, I just keep doing my best.
My mother in law has been hospitalized since Wednesday of last week. It has been more of a "on the mind" thing then needing to do much at this point.
My lovely children are doing fine, but we have karate and swimming for S and C, that overlaps for a couple weeks.
We like to keep it to one sport a season. D starts baseball next week.
Then there are C and S's birthdays coming up.
Lisa is turning the big 40! and I have countless relative birthdays.
The end of school "fever" has hit S hard. He is SO done with school. We actually got into the church building the morning! C and S went to Sunday school while Rick, D and I ate donuts in "the link"(a connecting part of our church and school buildings) It's not just regular school D won't attend!
I have had several doctors appointments last week and one kind of yucky big one tomorrow, after I take C to a special 3 hour testing in the morning to check for any learning disabilities that might have been missed by the school system.
I something every night this week, too, so I might be a bit aloof for a few days. I don't do so well with the cramming of stuff.
I am doing fine.
I have a favorite quote from one of my favorite groups, it goes as follows:
Many's the time i've been mistaken
and many time confused
Yes, and i've when felt forsaken
And certainly misused
But i'm all right, i'm all right
i'm just weary to my bones.....
But it's all right, it's all right
You can't be forever blessed
Still, tomorrow's going to be another
working day
And i'm trying to get some rest
that's all, i'm trying to get some rest
Simon and Garfunkel - American Tune '73


Karen said...

Yikes. Will pray for you alllllll week!

bobbione8y said...

i think we need a phone date this week.