Thursday, April 24, 2008

16 oz of cold press at 9 PM... NOOOOO!

I am a bit tired. I got to sleep at 5:00 something this morning. And I am up now ready to get the kids up for school. That makes a solid 1 hour and some minutes of sleep.

I thought, innocently enough, after my "job" last night, that I should just finish off my coffee that I bought on the way there. I also needed to wash the hair down my throat somehow. Not a good idea! Cold press has WAY more caffeine then regular coffee. I can tell you that for sure this mornin'.

But no nap for the weary this morning. After the kids go to school, I go for a annual fasting blood draw. Was suppose to get that in January. And yes of course the rabies vaccine. Then to an appointment until noon. Off to the store and then to bed, I hope.



bobbione8y said...

yummmy. almost worth a self-induced all nighter.

:) or not.

bobbione8y said...

okay dear.

starting to worry...everything ok?