Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My new unpaid "job"

This is my new Volunteer job. I got the job yesterday at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. I will work Wednesday evening for 4 hours. It is a 9 month commitment. I am kind of excited. The job duties are ones that I am very very well equipped for and have years and years of training.

I start next week. I hope that this will give me insights to my options in the Naturalist pursuit. K~

Animal Care Crew: Approximately half our admits are adult animals who have been injured by a car, dog, cat or some other human-related impact on its life. We are thankful for more than 80 year-round volunteers who commit to coming to the center on a weekly basis to provide loving care to these recuperating animals. If you'd like to help injured wildlife return to its natural habitat, we have a great opportunity for you!

RABIES VACCINE INFORMATION: The vaccination is an absolute requirement to work on our year-round Animal Care Crew, and for our Mammal Nursery

Animal Care Crew Duties: -Hands-on patient care: Providing the directed amounts of food and water to injured wild animals. -Providing clean, comfortable housing for each animal (changing newspapers, towels and wiping out cages) -Handling the animal properly (WRC staff provides training) -Helping maintain a clean, sterile hospital environment (sweeping, mopping soiled surfaces, doing laundry, stocking supplies and food, washing windows, etc)


bobbione8y said...

oh God. that job would RIP my heart out.

God bless you dear :)

Karen said...

Um. Can I point out that you just accepted a job that does not pay but requires a rabies vaccine???

I AM thrilled for you, just be careful.

Anonymous said...

I love the logo. Sounds like you'll be caring for a lot of deer. Wasn't there a bear that got hit once? On 94?
Good for you, and enjoy-L

K~ said...

Nice one Lisa. I hope there are no deer or bear there. hmmm. K~