Friday, April 18, 2008

In the Round

In the round
This was a fun project. I ended up having to crochet the bottom and sew it on with DMC floss. I was going for an American Indian color and pattern theme.
This is a book mark of a Carl Larsson painting "playing scales".
I did this for a gift. S's teachers at school. I am working on another one.
I am not sure if this one worked out as well as I had planned.
I will post the other one when it is done.


Anonymous said...

The Playing scales is amazing. Make me a Diego Rivera-fabulous. I love my book mark. Have a book rec. Dreamers of the Day-Mary Doria Russell. She wrote the Sparrow. Did you see the YarnHarlot when she was in town?

K~ said...

ok lisa, Most of what you said made no sense to me at all. Speak in UNINFORMED english please. I am glad you like it. I will look up Diego Rivera. Is fabulous the name of the painting you like, or is the artist just fabulous. What painting of his do you like. K~

K~ said...

Oh, is Diego Rivera, Freda Kalo's lover? I am going to do a Freda for D's teacher. K~

Anonymous said...

how the hell could a graphic artist not know who Diego Rivera is? Ask me you Florence Nightengale is, I know. He is fabulous. I wrote it like that because I took so much space the last time I posted a comment

Karen said...

I love your work. Would like to meet lisa, she sounds like a smart-ass. I like smart-asses. :-)

bobbione8y said...

um, karen, this is a weird mixing of worlds. but yes, as the glue that first held you all together, i can say with 100% certainty that you would like Lisa.

i will not, however, make any comments on whether or not she is a smart ass :)

K~ said...

Lisa, just me being a bit slow on the draw. I got it after I thought about it for some time. Then, of course, feeling comfortable showing my vulnerability, I felt safe asking the question and revealing my soft exposed underbelly. Knowing that my comments would fall on supportive and loving ears.

Yes, Karen, you would just love Lisa, truly.

I agree with Bob, however, even though Lisa fits the Smart-ass shoes well, I wouldn't really call her one. :-)

Love ya lis.


Anonymous said...

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