Friday, April 04, 2008

Sheep mountain is going

It's sad but true, but our truck needs to go. We love it. But... with gas at $3.25 a gallon, we just can's afford it. It does look nice though. We actually looked
un hillbilly like when we drove it. It was fun while it lasted. We have had it parked for about 6 months now, and well as rick said he is torn between his 2 love money and truck?? Well maybe his 1 love at least. I do feel bad for Rick. He is driving a VERY beat up read toyota camery. Garbage, rust and all. Oh well, we need to provide for our little family. We will get over it. And maybe it won't sell. K~


Anonymous said...

This is Lisa,
Sorry about the truck. I'm blessing my Saturn even though it's upholstered in dog hair (which I guess is my fault)and the bumper fell off, at least I only have to fill it every 2 weeks. 3.54here.
Go to the blog. It's about guerilla gardening, it'll cheer you.
Raining here, last day of spring break, nice time to drink coffee and catch up on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Good talking to you this AM. Wanted to also let you know about
Prior to getting booted out of my P-patch,(all politics)I visited this site many a time.

bobbione8y said...

aw, that is kinda sad. but i do have to admit that is not exactly a family man vehicle :)

i am kinda regretful about the Element too, only gets 15-19 mpg. not too wonderful for a honda. might have to trade it in for a Fit when i get it paid for.

lisa. i read heavy petal too. kinda don't like "you grow girl" that much tho.

Anonymous said...

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