Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yet again.

Here we go again. I went for a follow up ultra sound yesterday. It, the big black area was still there. Not a hematoma. Hmmm. So I needed another round of biopsies. I chatted with the doctor. He told me they do it the same here as at the hospital. No knock out drugs. So.... I had to do it again. NOT FUN! Of course he said the chances of me bleeding again like I did the first time was very slim. Well, sure enough. I bled all over and had to endure the breast press, YET AGAIN! OUCH. I don't know how a breast can withstand that kind of torture! I mean really. This time, however, they got 4 samples. So now I wait. He didn't feel that it resembled the big C. Here is hoping and praying. K~


bobbione8y said...

oh kirst. did he say what it DID resemble?

why can't we be young again? i am going mad. literally. with the menopause stuff. so p******d off i can barely function. not fun.

i will pray for the boob, i wish i could see you. right now.

Karen said...

Oh good grief. My heart is in my throat. Please send the good news as soon as you get it.

K~ said...

Thanks to you all for your prayers and concern. I still have not found out anything. I will let you all know. K~

Unknown said...

Wow. I think I missed something. I will pray for you. Here's hoping those boobies are good to go.