Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flowers, Fishing and Fire roads

So Rick knows how much I don't like doing this family camping thing, after last times fly fest and high humidity!! So before we left he got me this beautiful rose. He was so happy that I was "on board" with this adventure.
Fishing was # 1 on the docket for the Walsh family kids. D caught this huge bass. He was so proud. It was about a 2 pounder.
We had a nice little point to fish off of. However, it was about 3 inches deep for about 5 yards. Still, kind of nice for us to look out onto the bay.
The #1 reason for Rick doing this camping trip, was forest roading. Here is some photos of our adventures in 4 wheel drive.

The road.
The tree removal.
The feeling like a man reaction.
The Austin Powers turn around.
Back to the "main" dirt road.
A sweet little tree.
UUMMM..... who's driving this rig?
Our fluffy city dog thinking he is a regular campin dog.
The kids "relaxing under the stars".

We were all very tired after the trip. K~


bobbione8y said...

oh Lord. seeing those pics of the off-roading makes me remember going to the black hills with phil. all the while me yelling "NO! do NOT drive on that road! you will break the car! i am getting out!! we will get arrested! yada yada!!"

love the thumbs up look from rick :)

K~ said...

Yes, Rick was just tickled with this trip. He had to remove 3 trees, use 4 wheel drive A LOT and also get out and check the terran for how soggy the ground was etcetera. I used to freak, but after 20 years of this sort of thing, I just sit back and look around. K~

Karen said...

I remember the last camping trip and I cannot believe you did another one. I'm glad you survived, and it actually looked fun!