Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome Ramses!

This is Ramses. He (possibly she) is a baby Bearded Dragon. I got him (her) yesterday. He (she) was the tamest and biggest one in the cage. I have held Ramses 4 times yesterday and 2 times today. He (she) seems to be fitting in just fine. I showed Puff Ramses. He seemed to be unimpressed.

Now the family is off camping for 2 days. We leave in an hour. We have packed for 3. The kids are such a help now that they are older. Have a safe and fun weekend. K~


Anonymous said...

Lisa Here-
I can't believe that you are risking camping Memorial day weekend, It's possible to freeze your ass off.
The party was GREAT, however, all the other 40 year olds crapped out at around 11P, so life was made much simpler this AM.
I'm fearful those lizards are going to have some kind of reptilian throwdown, and you'll be caught in the middle.

bobbione8y said...

yeah. we were at the zoo today, and when we got to the part of the exhibit called "creepy crawlies" i actually heard myself saying "sheesh, kirsten has more cool stuff in her KITCHEN than this!"