Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waking from a vicodin haze

My My, I am finally feeling a bit more awake this evening. I slept a lot today. I had a full weekend.
1 ultrasound
1 hookwire inserted
2 mammograms
1 IV
2 hospital gowns
1 lumpectomy
1 call button taken away :-)
I apparently just wanted to gab with the nurses after my surgery. I would call them in to see what was going on. I wanted to know where this really nice short nurse with brown hair was. I called quite often.....So after Rick told me to stop pushing the button, I tossed it on my lap, it hit my knee and went off....yet again. The very kind nurse came in and as she pleasantly and very nicely asked me what I needed, at the same time she wrapped up the nurse call button cord and put it on the wall, out of my reach. ooops.

I was home by 2 PM with vicodin in hand. Rick stayed home from work and took care of me very well, a long with the family.

On Saturday, it was the last swimming lessons, a swim party and a sleep over. Sunday brought the rest of the sleep over and a family double birthday party. I had A LOT of help. I basically sat and did nothing while Rick and his brother took the kids to the swim park. My sister, a true blue God sent, did the sleep over until the cake was served at 10:30 PM.

I did the breakfast in the morning and my sister did the shopping for the some of the party and came over early to help. After the party, I slept and slept.

Monday, I had a 9 AM meeting and some shopping to do. Then another LOOOONG nap.

Now I feel much better. Phew!


bobbione8y said...

i want to know lots more, but first:

why TWO hospital gowns?!!

K~ said...

Oh, nothing good. just one for the ultrasound place and one for the Surgery center. No excess blood or goop to report. Sorry it is a boring answer. K~

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I was working in a nursing home, the residents got 5 calls in half hour, then it was tied down the bed. I broke my computer, so am out for a while, am typing this on a friends.
Glad it went well