Thursday, June 12, 2008

Every night has a theme.

Well it appears that every night has some kind of a theme. One night it was me spraying myself with the hose. One night it was dropping stuff. Last nights theme......Everyone wanted a piece of me, literally. I got bit many many times by small crabby birds. One REALLY got me. It was this guy!This is a Red Breasted Grosbeak. And yes, they have very big and strong beaks. I had a nice V shape right above my wedding rings! It's went away in about 1/2 hour.
I also got bitten by this little guy, a Gold Finch. He just tried to chow on me. It didn't hurt as bad as the Grosbeak. He was a bit smaller.

Then there was this fellow, he got me:

I got seriously charged at by the Hooded Merganser, several Female Mallards, and Countless other song birds, none of which made contact.

Imagine my feelings when I was cleaning the 2 Ring Billed Gulls they were just staring at my hand. One wouldn't even move. He just kept sitting back town in the middle and stared at me.

The Crow (I call him Elvis) was very excited for his food and seemed to be getting closer to me every time I stuck my hand in his cage, I was wearing goggles.

Then there was this guy, the Godwit, who as you can see has a mother of a beak! Goggles again, but my hands were exposed.

Lastly in that Ward, ward D, I had to feed and clean a Pileated Woodpecker. This one was about 12" tall. I had to literally put 1/2 my body in his cage to change the paper and set up his logs. Although I had goggles on, I worried about my cranium! I got out of that situation unscathed. PHEW.

The Trumpeter swan was there still. We did the parade, again. He hissed in the lead with 3 mallards following with me bringing up the rear. Around and around we went. Then the swan cut his foot on the hose end, and bled all over, SO, I did the parade one more time before I went home.

I enjoyed myself A LOT, but my nerves were a bit spent and I found myself a bit tired. K~


bobbione8y said...

how 'bout you clean up after some creatures with fur next time?!

K~ said...

Oh, then I might get rabies :-)! Anyway, can you believe it! K~