Friday, June 13, 2008

Every Girls Dream!

I laughed when I picked these up today. I know a lot of you ladies post your adorable shoes on your blog. Well, here is my new pair of "shoes".
Shiny black rubber boots with steal shank, knee high. $15.00.

We are off to Gull Lake for the week. I am EXHAUSTED. I just keep thinking about relaxing and putting my feet up for 7 glorious days with a good book and a cold drink......
Then I remember that I am going there with my 3 kids, my husband (who has been exceptionally crabby), our very naughty dog, a baby bearded dragon (needs to be held every day), 1 extremely needy and helpless father in law, 2 sister in laws, 2 brother in laws and 5 nieces and nephews (total of 8 kids who are between 11- 1 years old)
I'll keep you posted. I am sure I will enjoy parts of my week.
It will be entertaining to say the least. K~


bobbione8y said...

um, what do you wear to match those shiny babies?!

a cute patterned mini skirt ?!


Unknown said...

When you have time, post a new link to your Etsy page. I can't seem to find you...


bobbione8y said...

okay, it's wednesday and i miss you and i'm ready for you to come home and blog :)

K~ said...

We are back! I miss you too Bob. I will try and blog a bit today. i think this summer is going to be a challange, but, maybe not. My trip to say the least was not with out some stories.

Rani, I am going to post new stuff this week for my Etsy sight. I will try and get a better link then. Thanks for your interest.