Tuesday, June 10, 2008

flowers for sale??

Here is the group I have done so far. They all have pins on the back and buttons on the front, except for the pink one in the top row. As you can see, they very in size.

Here are some close up.

I plan on putting them on Etsy soon?? K~


bobbione8y said...

send me your favorite two. right now. and an invoice :))

is that what kind of selling you were thinking of?!

K~ said...

That's so sweet bob. I will have to see where I am at after Gull Lake. I may have much more to choose from. and yes, I would love to sell things that fast! K~

KristieLou said...


those are the cutest things! Keep making them and bring some to Brookings!

What could be more perfect...Gull Lake and making cute little flowers? Can I come?


bobbione8y said...

yes. when is Gull Lake? i do think you need to bring them to brookings. i want some for my summer totes that i am not-yet making ;)

K~ said...

You guys are too sweet! I do like making them. I am getting my craft stash together for next week (that's when we will be there)

Kriste, it does "sound" nice but there is high potential for crappiness! We go with my husbands extended family.....more later.

I will bring them to Brookings. I hope to have a few on Etsy soon.

Thanks again! K~

Unknown said...

Love, love, LOVE those buttons. I want some for my sister to put on her homemade hair bows. I really do... I am directing her to your Etsy site.