Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I didn't know if these 2 were fighting or trying to mate with each other (both males). They seemed to be doing the mating dance, but, one is definitely crazy (the dark one, Maxwell) and the Other has a "I'm super cool" attitude. It was so nice to get the zoo outside in the sun and the warmth.
We went to William O'Brian State Park. Yes mommy took them to the park with out daddy (who had to work on Saturday and Sunday!) If you know me, this has been a big hurdle of mine over the mommy years. I get a bit overwhelmed, but the aunts and uncles were going, so, I thought, why not.
C was in the water immediately, even though, I forgot the swimming suits! and she didn't until we needed to eat and then leave.
The boys and friend, were busy building sand castles and were very excited to destroy them. Except S :-) he needed to keep his just as it was.
And of course Bing! Sweet sandy Bing. He liked the water and liked the sand even more.....
He got hot and proceeded to dig a deep hole under the bench and lay in it.
Gilligan??? Here is D ready to go to a 3rd grade graduation party.
C likes to play outside and entertain me and the neighborhood. It does make for a nice atmosphere.
The Minnesota Zoo, which we are now a member of! Monday we went there with my sister in law Janet and her son N. She is expecting "baby rocket" as N has named it, in October.

My very favorite exhibit is the Bactrian Camels! I love them! We all walked out to see them they are at the farthest point of the trail. It was a nice trip and I look froward going back many times! K~

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bobbione8y said...

love the head/heiny shot of bing...

:) you go girl. see, rick is only there for decoration. you can do it all by yourself!!!