Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gull Lake photo story

Ramses knows how to relax
Go Carts!
Mountain Goat Bing
Mommy and daughter time
Regular boatin' dog
Fishing Fishing Fishing
The annual Fire works show....Compliments of Mike...hope he has enough.
I am considering this for my new and fresh Pampered Chef shows this summer.
We made a watermelon boat with fruit and then Rick had this fantastic idea!
Bing did not like the show and hid with S, who missed it due to sleepiness.
My Godson with his batting helmet on backwards.
A dragon fly molted in my nephews sandal. Neat! The skin is on the right.
Open at 5:03??
C and D tubing.
No Bingy, no boat ride this time.
The family boat ride.
A birds nest that put an end to tennis. 1 foot from the course.
Minnow races. D won!
Mike in his official fishing garb. Attractive.
My honey!
2 girls shopping at the lodge.
C and D together in the lake. 9 PM.

Oh my, who is this? Little Squirt. A new member of our turtle family. I call him Bird Food.



bobbione8y said...

you win. that is officially the most pics i have ever seen in one blog post :)) helps that you don't have to write so much, eh?

i loved em all. esp. ramses relaxing, open at 5:03 and of course, bird food.

:) very nice week at Gull Lake, it looks like!

K~ said...

It really was. I keep thinking of how much more relaxing this time was from the last years. I think it is just the kids getting older? Thanks for reading. K~

Karen said...

Dude. I want to go to the lake. I'm pretty sure there are no paintbrushes there, right? Bingy looks so sweet, and I can tell how much he loves that boat!

Also, I noticed that there was no reference to itchy snail plagues. Glad it was better this time around.

K~ said...

Yes, NO health issues to speak of. Kind of nice. Of Course, Rick says on Thursday with 2 days left "No one has gotten hurt or sick on this trip." BIG scare! "We only think those things, not say them" I said. K~

Cassie said...

how fun - your whole family clan looks so close and content. yay summer!