Monday, June 23, 2008

Gull Lake

So our trip begins. Bing seems to be very much in the vacation mode. Our family does nothing "normal". One of our "I have to go NOW!!" stops brought us to a electrical plant site with a working port a potty. So one after another we all took advantage. Rick decided to take Bing for his relief, along an electrical plant site. Right up the road, we stopped again to have Rick help a group of kids and ladies change a tire.
Sunday morning. Father's Day. The foot sleeps. This is S. He started out with his head on the pillow the night before???
Who is this man??? I have not seen Rick in weeks. It was so nice to have him across from me, drinking coffee. I would have sat next to him, but, well, Bing.
Ramses had to make the trip . Too high maintenance to leave for my sister. He loved the mayflies that I picked off the outside wall of the cabin for him.
Father's Day.
Loons with baby. Super cool. I only got to see photos of these. Sadly, they were gone when it was my turn in the boat.
Old friend reunited. C and K. Together for year 3!
More later. K~

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