Friday, June 27, 2008

The Mighty Miss

Monday Rick and I took a canoe trip on the Mighty Mississippi. We were seeing how Bing would do in the canoe. Rick is determined to take him to the BWCA in August. SO.... we are working with Bing to make sure he does not tip us over. I didn't much appreciate trying this out on this huge brown murky large fish infested river, but it was successful!
Of course we were both fishing and Rick happened to catch a Walleye and me... NOTHING... It is par for the course with us.
It is really hard to photograph in a canoe. Especially if one is extremely scared of tipping! So, the photos are a bit off. Here is Bing not tipping us over.
Then a short trip up a large winding river band path and we were on our way home.
I enjoy canoeing. This shot reminds me of the many trips and days we spent at the BWCA. I am kind of (only kind of) looking forward to the trip with the family. Too much room for error!


Unknown said...

You are so brave.

K~ said...

Thanks, I just do not like the river canoeing. It makes me so nervous. It is, however, easy to paddle at least one way :-) K~

bobbione8y said...

love the last photo of rick. very national geographic :)