Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What you won't find when you clean

I was cleaning out my nest...again, and I came across some finished items. This one in particular was a fun one to find. I made it, and like usual, I put it in my done pile (which is quite large). It is made from that stuff that comes on large spools, what is that called anyway? It's like 1 ply DMC floss?? I used #10 seed beads for the bead section (I think :-)). I really like the way this feels and it is a nice size 3- 3/4 inches high. I wish I had a venue to sell some of my items. I just make them and set them aside.
But, I really only make them because I love to.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten,
Beautiful!!. I've made a bag out of red Koigu and clear beads, I love the project.
Read your comment in Bobbi's blog, one good thing about getting older, strep is unlikely. However, there is also the old adage, that whatever the kid gets, the parent gets at about 3x worse, so your throat may close.
I'm truly not slacking, I do have to work today, but coffee and blog stalking is a nice way to begin the day.
Do keep me posted on the "show" and let me know when opening night is, I'll send good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

hey kirsten send me an email with an address that can reach you, I have to do some configuring on my new laptop and don't yet have an address book. Any one else, please send me yours(I realize that is open invitation to any freak out there-couldn't be any worse than the colon cleansing and sexual enhancement emails I get-I need to figure out my spam filter)

bobbione8y said...

um, i am hoping anonymous is somebody we know :)

i love the beads. is that really as hard to do as it looks?!

K~ said...

Ok, first, I think anonymous is Lisa.... I hope :-) I will send you an email soon.

Second, It isn't hard so much as time consuming. You have to like working with really small stuff.

I hope to make more, but stringing the beads is an endless endless process.