Saturday, August 02, 2008

Circle me Bert

Rick made me a sign :-)
Hmmmm....... apple not too far from tree comes to mind.

The fam in all it's glory.

Up close :-) my favorite..... Joe Mauer #7Joe Nathan
S enjoying the ball game fare.
Notice the blue on the face from the cotton candy.

Game??? What game?
An official game ball from the game. The very nice security guard gave it to David!!!

Made it to Lund's (24 hour grocery store) in time for my yummy cake. Notice the lower right corner has a dent in it? Bing helped himself :-{ That dog!

It was a fun birthday and sitting in the front row left field was A LOT of fun!



bobbione8y said...

i had to actually google "circle me bert" to find out what the h#$%^&k it meant!

you minnesotans are weird :)

but i'm glad you had a good bday!

Cassie said...

happy belated b-day!!

looked like fun

K~ said...

Thanks Cassie. K~