Monday, August 04, 2008

I've fallen and I can't get up

I fell into a yarn obsession and I can't (or maybe I don't want) to get up. Every time I am extremely stressed, I get into an obsession. Usually it focuses around color. Beta fish, floss, clay, flowers, yarn....... I do see a pattern. This time it is yarn. I just love it and I keep just picking up a skein or 12 here and there. I have to stop due to not having ANY money to support this new obsession. But for now, I just sit in my yarn heap, LITERALLY, and contemplate the marvelous things I won't get around to creating. K~


bobbione8y said...

not to feed your obsession,

but OMGosh that is so pretty!!

i think i may have to take up hoarding yarn, cause i WANT one of those :))

K~ said...

Yes, it is fun to be on row 50 now and still not have repeated an entire row.

Super easy pattern:

200+ chain (mine is 250 chain - a bit big)

double crochet in each chain

every row is a double crochet

New color each row

go until you're done.

It's called a Vintage Vertical stripe afghan.


Anonymous said...

who doesn't hoard yarn? It definitely is a day brightener. It's very pretty. When is the VACATION? (notice the caps)

bobbione8y said...


let's all go on vacation together, and sit around with our hoarded yarn.

and maybe a couple bottles of wine :)

K~ said...


K~ said...

Lisa, Let's see. The show IS coming into town on the 9-17. Then our VACATION starts on the 19-30. K~

bobbione8y said...


i promise not to bring red heart yarn if we ever get together.

there. does that help?

Karen said...

My birthday is in November. Plenty of time to get something wonderful made!!

Happy Birthday to YOU, by the way!!

K~ said...

I'm glad you all like this one. It has been very fun to make but sadly, like I sad, it is not making a dent in my stash!!! K~