Friday, September 05, 2008

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Farmstead - Carl Larsson

The Flower Carrier - Diego Rivera


bobbione8y said...


i needed those this morning. they make my eyes feel good.

just so happens that i love both carl larrson and diego rivera...:)

you are so good at doing this.

Lisa said...

OHMYGOD it's beautiful, one of my favorite Rivera's. Awesome

Karen said...

How do you DO that???

K~ said...

wow thanks guys. I really love doing them. I love the colors of both, but the Rivera one got kind of screwed up. I dont' really know how I do these. I just print off a photo, pick some close colors and try and recreate the painting in a simpler form??? I guess?? Not quite sure. Kind of an addictions now. It really helps me with worries, frustrations, and other things like that. K~

Unknown said...

Wow, that is AMAZING. I am really in awe. You are so talented. I love the colors and the painting choices. I know nothing about the artists, but I love the feeling the pictures give me when I see them.

K~ said...

Thanks Rani, You are so sweet. How are you feeling? When is your actual due date? My sister in law is due one October 20th. K~

Unknown said...

Actual due date is October 25th. Addison's first birthday, can you believe it? Dr. says we will go for sure at 38 weeks, so we are thinking the 8th, which is my son Gavin's birthday. I just can't win.

I feel great, just tired all the time, but it could be worse.

K~ said...

Just keep in mind that when they are 25 or so, they will be happy to only have one monthly birthday celebration. But the first 25 years, that can be toug:-)

I have 2 close together too. But, not on the same day or anything. Kind of neat though. C was due on the 1st of May and came on the 14th. S was due on the 14th and came on the 1st of may. K~