Thursday, September 04, 2008

More on the human side

I had work last night. I was more about the people than the animals. My friend was back and 4 of us chatted for 1/2 hour. We laughed a lot last night. I am so glad we were all able to share our feelings and stories.

2 super cool animals were there:
Eastern Soft Shell Turtle about 16"round.
and at the very last minute, I needed to prepare a cage for a Double Breasted Cormorant. I have seen these close up before, but when you are a foot away, the perspective can change.
I cleaned about 35 turtles, a red breasted woodpecker (man the woodpeckers DO NOT like me!), and was followed around by a large goose.

It was a very healing night.

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Karen said...

Kirsten Walsh-The Goose Whisperer.