Friday, September 19, 2008

Hats for the neighbors

I finally got the hats off to the neighbors.
Of course it had to be 85 degrees today :-)
The little boy seemed to really like his. K~


Unknown said...

You are a woman of amazing and wonderful talents...wish you were my neighbor?!?!

Karen said...

I love that frog! Do you think a grown woman can rock a frog hat???

I just had a flashback to the second grade, when I had to be a skunk in the church Christmas play. There are people in Rapid City who STILL call me Stinky.

KristieLou said...

oh. I have always wanted an animal hat. Those are so CUTE! I'm with Karen, do you think an adult can wear that?

K~ said...

You guys are too sweet. Thanks so much.

Karen.. sorry to hear about you nickname. Kind of silly though.

And YES if enough of us wear them, I think adults could "Rock" an animal hat. Since you guys are all a cute as buttons, I say go for it :-) K~

meg said...

those are beautiful!

bobbione8y said...

lots of comments already, but let me just say the neighbors are very lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have them too :)

love that you are using your talent, dear.

Cassie said...

I'd have to try and rock the frog hat as well. When I was little, I had a pair of awesome velcro frog face shoes that I wore everywhere I could. So green, so good.

Amazing work K!