Monday, September 15, 2008

My Pey Pey!!

Here's Rick. Handsome yes, my partner in life since 1986 and my hubby for 14 years.....yes we are old!! I needed to acknowledge him because I feel a bit of guilt having such a popular "boyfriend".
By the way we got matching "Walsh" Vikings shirts from Marsha and Barry. It was so fun. They spoil us so.
Ok, If you don't tailgate, having beef, shrimp and alcohol slushies at 9 am is par for the course.
I was so excited about seeing my Pey Pey live!! Under all my Vikes gear is my colts shirt :-) Here I am purple and very round :-( No photos please..... and yes I am knitting :-)
But who cares....................Here is my Pey Pey. Peyton Manning. I was like a young teen at my first rock concert. So silly. I had SUCH A GOOD TIME!! This game went SO FAST!! I was so thrilled when they won. I took photo after photo. I had to enlarge this one. My zoom sucks on this camera!! Anywho.... I could go on and on. Now I have the ticket stub, the Peyton Manning 3 1/4 action figure, my tee shirt and now my personally shot photos! K~


bobbione8y said...

thought of you yesterday, as we were watching the game. figured you were tormented by who to root for!

btw. i am starting to like football. actually stood up and YELLED at the tv during the amazing broncos game.

whatever does this mean?!!!

Karen said...

SO FUN!!!!!! I'm jealous of everything except the knitting!


K~ said...

Oh, I am jealous of myself :-)!! K~

KristieLou said... girls look awfully official in your jersey's! But I do love that you were knitting ;)