Wednesday, September 17, 2008

14 years

Happy 14th anniversary to us.
We have been married for 14 years!
Is this possible?
Wow. Love you Hun!


meg said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 14 years! that's so sweet xxxooo Are you going out to celebrate? or just chillin'?


meg said...

^ are you serious? you get spam comments?? wow.

bobbione8y said...

what the heck?

who ARE these people on your comment section?!

bulldozer backhoe, i will NOT click on you!

meg said...

i did O_0
now i'll be stalked forever O_0


K~ said...

Weird. I don't know why my 14th year anniversary was so interesting to the spammers. Thanks to all of my friends for the special comments. I worked last night, but Rick and I did lunch. K~

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary, Belated. Everything I do these days is belated.