Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sad day

Since May, cancer has been heavy on my mind.
I had my brush with a breast cancer scare (it turned out good) but it was my second scare, my dad was since diagnosed with colon cancer a month ago, we are still waiting for a prognosis, my father in law was diagnosed with skin cancer, my friends dad just lost his battle with cancer 2 weeks ago, my neighbor is battling breast cancer, I just found out today that my good friends from college lost their 11 year old to cancer (very quickly) in January and my new neighbors sweet little 4 year old boy was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been given a year to live.



bobbione8y said...

ah. life is certainly fragile. will pray for God to give you peace through the hard things, dear. i hope your dad is feeling okay.

K~ said...

Thanks Bob. I have been praying quite a bit lately. Sometimes, I just pray, I don't even have a specific reason. It comforts me to be connected to God. I tell ya. Things are just something else. But in a way, I am calm and enjoying being a domestic mom these days. It kind of came about on the houseboat. K~