Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here We Go!

Did someone say North Dakota??

You say we are leaving after I work all night with wild animals, so I can sit up in the van and sleep in the cold??
You say that we will be in the van with 3 loud kids, one husband that doesn't chat and a dog that has no boundaries??
You say that I need to do all the packing for 5, clean the animals, feed the animals, go to petco for crickets and cat litter, go to a meeting from 12-3PM, and then work from 5-9PM and then get home to pile into a van and sleep upright??

Boy, sign me up, I'm ready to go. North Dakota here we come. Finally my husband has taken my subtle hints and planned my dream vacation :-)


bobbione8y said...


where the heck are you going?! don't you know i live in SOUTH DAKOTA?!

K~ said...

I may even add that the van is now we cancel the trip...NO...we are now going in the white truck. All we need to get for it is insurance, and tabs, by tonight. K~

Karen said...

Seriously. You're going to North Dakota ON PURPOSE???

Bubba was born there, you know. He wants to come along, but he's the only one.