Tuesday, October 14, 2008

still knitting!

I have been working on this off and on. I am getting somewhere. I really like it. It takes forever for me! I think it's because I use such small needles. I am only doing a lap afghan. My crafting ADD would not allow me to do a larger one :-). Bob and I can relate on the CDD. Right now, I have 4 crochet projects, 1 knitting project, and 1 cross stitch project going.


bobbione8y said...

oh. i love them. i really love that super "bumpy" yarn on the upper left one!

i have 60 squares done. about 30 of them need the ends tied. still waiting for that crochet book, then i'll add a small project in there.

CDD is kind of expensive :)

Karen said...

SO SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!xlklok