Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What did I learn last night?? That Blood Feathers are aptly named. A swan broke a blood feather last night, and blood was everywhere. It looked like a TV murder scene. I had to hose off the walls and the floors. I had to try and help the vet tech wrangle 1 huge swan while the other 2 ran around too. Meanwhile, circle over head in this ruckus was a small Bonaparte gull. It was quite a spectacle. Bonaparte gull

There were some other cool birds there last night. One being a Wood Duck.

And our friend Turkey, which I found out was a girl turkey, was out stealing other patients food, while she waited for hers to be prepared. I gave her some cranberries. I thought it fitting. I even said "oh, i get to clean the turkey for Thanksgiving." Har Har Har.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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