Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who does depression hurt?...Everyone.

There was a juvenile swan that was in for a lacerated bill and depression. He seemed a bit agitated and really seemed to enjoy following me, or was he chasing me? around his pool.There was also a turkey that looked very sad. He got into some lead pipe and ate some. He was molting and looking a bit rough. sad.
Then there was the baby big brown bat. It, we feared, was dead. But alas, it was just laying on its blanket motionless. He too looked down.
I know I tend to personify the patients at the WRC. It, I suppose, does not help that I always refer to them as "people". It is so easy for me to look at them and feel their anxiety, sadness, pain. They must be so scared. I am glad for just a moment, I can hum an annoying tune to keep their minds off things. K~

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