Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The "drive thru" window

So I have been moving my office around to prepare for C to join me. She gets 3/4 of the room and I get 1/4 for my office. At least for now. The goal of course, is to let her have this as her room....completely. That will take a bit longer to do. Anyway. We have this outside window that was left in when the people added on the tv nook area. Now the desk is at the same level as the window ledge. Last night Bing came walking through. Then after I put a blanket down, he settled into his new space.
Bing asks "would you like fries with that?"


bobbione8y said...

ha. that is funny.

the desk area looks nice! have the walls always been green? why did i not notice before?!

i hope miss c is happy with her new room :)

Karen said...

Huh? Is the window to the outside, or is it from one inside room to the other?

Ha ha, the security word I have to type is uncrab. Did my husband arrange for that?

Sarah said...

I like a quarter of that nice space too :0) Thanks for the pleasant surprise. I'm tring to get back into regular blogging. It's therapeutic for me, but, does take a good chunk of my time which I don't have!

Cassie said...

I kind of love that your dog sleeps on your desk like most cats would :o)