Sunday, January 11, 2009

What to do

So this is the look that I have been sporting lately. I have been busy doing "nothing" for about 11 days. I think my resolution is to do nothing for 365 days of 2009.
I only have 354 left.
Piece of cake.
Just thought you all would enjoy a quick little update on the beautiful "rotten chicken" Although it appears that it has seen it's final days, alas.... my husband has resurrected it, yet again. We thought it was the transmission, but it turns out it was something else, fixable for $50.
Phew.... I thought we may have to get a new car.And lastly, I have found my new dream job. I was educated in graphic design, and have never ever applied it, however, this job looks particularly enjoyable.
I want to design cereal boxes for generic cereals.


bobbione8y said...

wow. i still need a part timer, wanna apply?

if you could make a cereal box graphic like that, i could get you some work :)

K~ said...

oh thanks bob. I think it will be some time from now. K~