Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

Yippee. Thanks Bob! Loved the gifts. Of course I had C model it. I've eaten the biscotti's and the note cards will come in handy very soon.

Other things we have done over break:

Winter camper cabin camping -

Rang in the new year -
And then rang in the new year again.........
S thought that we stayed up on New Year's Day eve. So, we had to keep the little bugger up on January 1st until Midnight, at his request.
He was so proud of himself!!
Happy New Year everyone! K~


Anonymous said...

cepiguHappy New Year!!! Nice apron Bob. Any resolutions, anyone? I've given up on the traditional ones and have "kept it real" for the past several years. Such as painting my toenails more often. I've done it. I've read somewhere that one woman resolves not to stab anyone during the New Year and finds that she can keep it.
I've joined a 52 books in 52 weeks challenge on Ravelry. I have a few others, but they are little more personal.
Happy New Year!!

bobbione8y said...

glad you liked the gifts kirst! that apron pattern is one i've been dying to was fun :)

yes. resolving to try to relax more...really really relax. have the laptop in bed now, so life should be good for awhile.

i definitely want to read more books. i need some suggestions? somehow i always have such a hard time finding good ones.

of course want to lose a zillion pounds by living and eating well :)

K~ said...

Hi Lisa, Sorry I didn't Call. Hard to carve time sometimes. Other times, I just don't remember. I am so sorry. I thought of you on New Years. It sounds like your party went very well.

My resolutions if you can call them that, it to try, as hard as it is for me, to take each day as it comes. So far, day 4 and I am doing ok. No anxiety attacks we'll see how it goes once I am back to the regular schedule.