Sunday, January 04, 2009

Too much for a 24 hour period!!

Colts...............out of the play offs!

Vikings.......out of the play offs!!
Man my Pey Pey really let me down. The Vikings on the other hand, like my friend Sue says: "They are like a really bad boyfriend. They do something to make you feel like 'Yep it's over this time!' and then they do something to make you take them back for a while, and then BAM they disappoint you again!" Will I ever learn.
As far as the Colts go. I am still a bit smitten with them. I have been quite a fan for 2+ years now. I do like to see a team play and then win too.
I was a bit crabby last night when it was over, and could hardly watch the game. Today, I just was in my same numb state. No surprises there.
What to do, what to do....... Now I need to pour over the teams that are left. Obviously I need to route for Eli (Pey Pey's brother) and the New York Giants! Can't let Pey Pey down, even though he......oh no... I am not going to go there.
I am sure all of you out there are facing similar dilemmas. Hope we can work this all out.
Much luck.

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bobbione8y said...

it's kind of weird to call a grown man Pey Pey.

other than that, i am sorry for you :) is it bad that i am kind of glad football is coming to an end?!