Thursday, January 15, 2009

It started out innocent enough

White footed mouse
House mouse
Canadian goose
Trumpeter SwanFemale Wild Turkey

So my evening began with caring for a house mouse and 5 white footed mice. All seemed to be very small and very cute.

I moved onto the room with many ducks and geese. This is when things got up close and personal. There was one goose who just needed to get a close to everything I was doing.

Then I moved onto the swans. I got wing slapped by an adult trumpeter swan. Fortunately for me (not her) she was quite injured and could not get up much strength to do too much damage.

Leaving that room, I was checking on the famous Ward D. Our Female Wild Turkey patient is still there. Obviously feeling better every week. This week, she decided to peck vigorously at my black rubber boots. She followed me around and just kept stabbing me with her beak. Then she began picking at my pants. Not wanting to get holes in them, I decided to leave for a bit. Before I could move she head butted me too close to my unmentionables. I made a fast retreat and could not stop laughing. I kept thinking of what I would have to say to some poor ER doctor, if it got any worse.

Greatest quote of the night: while one volunteer tried to shut a freezer door and a box kept opening up and pushing the door open.

"I'm smarter than a box!!"

Makes you think. K~

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