Friday, January 16, 2009

new skill??

What to do when your printer stops printing?
A. Call someone who is a computer repair man?
B. Find and read the printer manual?
C. Tear it apart and try and figure out what is wrong, fix it, and put it back together?
I of course picked C.
Kind of scared at this point.
Those 3 thingies came off the printer with the lid.....
Looked inside. Oh.... spring loose and stretched. Cut some off. Reattached where it looked like it went....I had no idea... just a guess.
Try and piece it back together. Not too hard.
Wish my hands were a bit smaller.
I think.
Turn on printer. Hit test print.
And surprise surprise....paper came out with ink on it!!!!
The spring I just took out and cut a bit off.

Bing??? He helped by snoring loudly next to me on my desk.

I am so proud of myself. I now have a new job skill. I think? Now where do I fit that in. Would it be next to "finding incredibly small lost item in a house full of junk" or "reviving a dead baby turtle?" ?



bobbione8y said...

oh, i'm for SURE hiring you to be my part timer now :))

you might want to dust mine a little bit too. there are giant globs of cat fur and dust mites in there :))

Karen said...

Wow. I would have thrown it out the window!