Wednesday, February 25, 2009

goin home

I am all checked in at the airport. I am at the Starbucks and having an iced Chai and surfing the web. YEAH!! I hate checking into the airport. after that is done, I feel much more relaxed. I took a few more shots today before I left. Here they are.
hummingbird in the tree - center left.


Karen said...

Geez, Kirst. I just got all caught up with you. How is your heart doing? How is your dad? I'm praying for you.

K~ said...

oh thanks so much Karen. I am doing ok. I am home now. I have either a 10 day old cold or I have been poisoned by the Valley's air quality. I have a very sniffy nose and no voice. My dad is still in the hospital. He, Overall, is doing better everyday. However, he is having trouble eatting food. So, it was hard to leave with everything so up in the air. Thanks for the prayers. Sorry I have not been able to keep up with everyones blog, it is hard to focus down there. K~