Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I made it

Well I am here. I got in at about 10 PM and was able to chat with my dad on the phone. I am up now and needing to play tug of war with the dog Heidi. My hand is sore from her pulling on it so much. I am all technologied up for this trip. Got my mp3 player (d's), my laptop with my at&t wireless connector.. ging ging, my new upgraded cell phone with the most annoying ring, my wireless mouse, and my digital camera with a connector cord so I can download photos as soon as I take them. Oh yes, and a regular notebook and pen. I also, have many many crafts. More later. K~



bobbione8y said...

may i ask what is up with the family twins and triplets?

otherwise, hope you are well :)

K~ said...

Oh, Rick had the camera on some odd setting. So that is how it was recorded and that's all I had to work with. I saw my dad, and he looks fairly good. It was nice to do that. I have totally lost my voice. I hate that. I think it might be the dust in the air.... I don't know. K~